Sun Session – Homeless Apians

The latest Sun Session is available for your viewing pleasures!

Recorded in August of 2015, “Apeology”, is the last track the Homeless Apians recorded for their upcoming debut album, recorded in the Cream Forest using the Sun Lab.


Matthew C. Brown – Guitar/Vocals

Cody McCorry – Bass/Vocals

Kevin Grossman – Drums/Fast Talking

James Weir – “Deranged Businessman”.

Filmed by Rob Warhurst.

Directed and Edited by Kevin Grossman.

Sun Session – Daughter Vision

Daughter Vision performs their song, “Disconnection” in the Cream Forest, on August 12th, 2015.

Steve Honoshowsky – Bass, Synths, Vocals and Electronics
Brian Powell – Guitar, Vocals and Electronics
Mike Noordzy – Contra Alto Clarinet
Video Recorded by Rob Warhurst (Robinthesky)
Video Edited by Jon Francis (Bang and Grace Productions)
Audio Recorded / Mixed by Kevin Grossman


Sun Session – We Used to Cut the Grass

The hotly anticipated Sun Lab recording session featuring We Used to Cut the Grass is now available!

Led by composer/bassist Cody McCorry, the ensemble We Used to Cut The Grass recorded their first Sun Lab Session on the hottest day in July of 2015 at the historic Camp Evans Military Base in Wall, New Jersey.

Starting with J.S. Bach’s classic BWV 245, McCorry leads the group through his original composition, featuring solos by some of the most innovative musicians on the scene today.

This is a tale of espionage, biological experimentation, true love and trombones.

“Woodpecker” is the featured track from their new EP which you can download here:

Sun Session – Accidental Seabirds

New Sun Session!

Accidental Seabirds perform their song “Black Horse Blues” on September 3, 2015, in the Cream Forest.

It was a pleasure to record these guys and this song is going to be stuck in our heads for a long while.

Jesse Lee Herdman – Banjo, Vocals, Snare Drum

Alex Letizia – Guitar, Vocals, Floor Tom Bass Drum, Bottle Cap Shaker Hats.

Video Recorded by Rob Warhurst
Audio Recorded by Kevin Grossman
Audio/Video Post Production by Kevin Grossman

Sun Lab at Langosta Lounge

Recently we had a fundraiser at Langosta Lounge, in Asbury Park, NJ.

The show featured performances by Colton Kayser, Bone and Marrow, Homeless Apians, We Used to Cut the Grass, and Karmic Juggernaut.

We raised over $800! This was used to upgrade our rig, which we will be premiering this week, as we head to the forest to record the debut album for “Homeless Apians”.

This video features interviews with Bone and Marrow and Matt Brown (Homeless Apians), as well as some footage from the fundraiser.





Award Winning!

Last weekend at the Asbury Park Music in Film Festival was a great time! Not only did we get to see some great films, our video, “Live from the Sun”, directed by Jon Francis, won the award for Best NJ Documentary!








If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look (and listen)!

Asbury Park Music in Film Festival


We at the Sun Lab are excited to be part of this weekends festivities at the Asbury Park Music in Film Festival!

Two of our films, “Transgressions”, and “Live from the Sun”, will be screened on Saturday, April 11th.

“Live from the Sun”, can be seen at the Palette Gallery at 4:15 PM, with a Q&A and performance by the films director, Jon Francis.

“Transgressions” can be seen at the Saint, 601 Main St, Asbury Park, NJ, at 11:40 PM, with a follow up performance by Karmic Juggernaut.

This is Only a Test

Kevin and Jon spent the day troubleshooting the gear for the upcoming “season”. What better a time to experiment with some strange sounds?

Kevin’s drum set includes: a 55 gallon plastic winder washer fluid bass drum, a 30 gallon plastic garbage can bass drum, a 30 gallon plastic kerosene container floor tom, and a 5 gallon plastic bucket tom tom; as well as a few decommissioned kitchen items. This is all run through a Yamaha MG16fx mixer, with a few outboard pedals (such as the Boss DD-3 delay), into a small PA mounted on the side doors of the van.

Jon’s rig is a Thorium Bowed Keyboard, made by American Keyworks, run through the FLUX:FX iPad app, made by Adrian Belew &, into a Pignose HOG 30 battery powered amp. ”

The end of the video features the HAPI drum through FLUX:FX into the Pignose HOG 30.

Solar powered recording. Anything. Anywhere.

SunLab on PBS/NJTV

SunLab Studio was recently featured on PBS/NJTV’s Driving Jersey program with the creators’ progressive rock outfit Karmic Juggernaut. The band played a completely solar-powered set on the rooftop of Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park, NJ to bewildered, yet excited beachgoers. The 30-minute television special features interviews with the band and others detailing the inception and process of using the power of the sun to make music and documenting it. Check it out below!

“Trangsressions” Sun Session

Karmic Juggernaut, Sun Lab Studio, and Telefunken Elektroakustik bring you a brand new Sun Session recorded using the Sun Lab solar-powered mobile recording studio. What you see is what you hear.

The composition was recorded using exclusively Telefunken microphones and a pair of Metric Halo ULN-8’s.

Everything you see was tracked in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Production began in Summer ’12 but was interrupted due to Hurricane Sandy. The percussion tracks in the snow were recorded after the snowstorm following Sandy, when we all still had no power – but we still could record with the Sun Lab! Filming/tracking was wrapped in Summer ’13.

Music and lyrics by Karmic Juggernaut. Engineered, mixed, and produced by Kevin Grossman & James McCaffrey. Mastering by Tom Ruff of Asbury Media.

Primary filming by JR Skola of Dawn of Man Productions. Editing by James McCaffrey and color-correction by Alex Peacock.

All microphones were provided by Telefunken Elektroakustik. Stands provided by ProRockGear.